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Here at the E Store are lists of new and used items of which are disclaimed in the terms and description, this being said all items will be tested and verified to the best of our knowledge and the methods of testing will be disclosed in the items description. To get to the item you are looking for follow links by manufacture and click on item by products picture. This will then give a descriptions page and links to manufactures literature. The methods used in testing here at our shop will be here as well  "please note we will be prompt in answering all questions so if your not sure about something please ask." This store is meant to work similar to eBay or Kijjiji etc... all items are purchased via PayPal and or Electronic money transfer herein known as emailed money payment, any shipping costs and applicable taxes owed on customers behalf are the sole responsibility of the customer. All  canadian orders will pay taxes based on location and will be remitted through us to the C.R.A. We suggest in contacting us of which we will total your order and respond back to you before actually ordering items. All items purchased herein and shipped are then the property of the buyer and we will not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred, the solution to this issue is the purchase of insurance from the shipper to the destination of buyer of goods that the goods will be intact and delivered in a timely manner etc... our service will be tracked via video of goods being packed and there condition during this process and also confirmation of destination of the package in the video. We would not have any issues with any valid claims for returns provided they are warranted by us in written form and returned at the expense of the buyer and must be returned insured for the value of the original total of purchase. By purchasing products you are agreeing to the terms herein